Supply Chain tracking for Products and Documents

TruCerts is a enterprise-grade tracking platform using blockchain who manufacturers and customers can trust.

What can you do with TruCerts?

TruCerts is a enterprise blockchain platform for automating, tracking and building your supply chain process of the assets.

Asset Management

Create and manage physical assets that are being manufactured at the source.

Transaction Tracking

Track the entire chain of custody of a asset from source to the destination.

Organizational Trust

Verify the authenticity of an organization based on peer reviews & earlier transactions.

Certificate Authority

Allow third-party certification authorities to verify the authenticity of a product.

Built for enterprise

Scalable Architecture

TruCerts is built to work at enterprise scale. The platform can scale both horizontally and vertically, which makes it work in harmony with many of the existing applications that you might already be using.

Strong Security

TruCerts follows some of the most complex cryptography techniques to make sure all the transactions recorded in the blockchain are secure, and safe. This makes TruCerts enterprise-ready on day one.

Take the leap

For Manufacturers

  • Prevent counterfeit articles from manufacturing to the end-customer.
  • Integrate TruCerts into your existing applications to track your assets.
  • Analytics on the most selling, accessed assets and much more.
  • Easy deployment and distributed architecture.

For Customers

  • Verify the authenticity of the asset with verified Certificates from different parties.
  • Visually appealing Chain of Custody with drill-downs for easier information consumption.
  • Integration with multiple third-party services with less effort.
  • Review Organizations you are dealing with.